September/October 2020


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The September/October 2020 issue

Our latest issue is dedicated to those who we hold most dear, as we speak to photographers who each explore their personal relationships with family in a different way. Bharat Sikka and Rinko Kawauchi explore parenthood, while Carmen Winant and Zoe Childerley ruminate on a found connection. We also nod to the education climate, speaking to Natasha Caruana, Gabor Arion Kudasz and the class of 2020.

Features include:

Following her poignant works surrounding birth, the female body and found community, Carmen Winant’s latest series further explores radical, feminist expression through the notion of physical closeness.

The golden planes of California’s Mojave Desert boast some of the most seductive landscapes in America. Its remoteness has attracted wanderers and artists who today call it their home. Zoe Childerley’s latest monograph tells the story of Joshua Tree National Park’s residents.

What began as a casual exercise, evolved into a personal project that strengthened the intimate bond between father and son. Bharat Sikka reflects on his most recent project, The Sapper.

Rinko Kawauchi’s latest work gently reminds us to appreciate the familiar, as seen through the eyes of her young daughter. Marigold Warner meets her in Kyoto.

Three decades after they worked together in a school darkroom in the Appalachian Mountains, Wendy Ewald reconnects with her former primary school pupils and republishes their work, revisiting their lives and dreams. 

With education programmes and curriculums forced to adapt to a new normal, one arts university considers the students’ role in having more say in curating their academic experience. Michael Grieve visits Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

This issue’s Agenda features an in-depth interview with Sunil Gupta, who has just opened his first UK-based retrospective at The Photographers Gallery and a closer look at the eighth edition of Kyotographie festival. Plus, Sophie Wedgewood’s latest monograph.

With the new academic year bringing new challenges, our Projects this month celebrate the work of the Class of 2020.

As she launches her new, virtual school and platform, Work-Show-Grow., we speak to Natasha Caruana about her latest endeavour. A few months on from the port explosion in Beirut, we investigate the challenges facing the neighbouring photography institutions. Our Creative Brief is Helen Sargeant of Maternal Art Magazine.

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