February 2019


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February Issue: Small Town Inertia

In our February Issue, Small Town Inertia, Jim Mortram takes an insider’s view of the sharp end of austerity. Matthew Genitempo finds solitude in the Ozarks. Plus interviews with Graciela Iturbide and Mari Katayama

Jim Mortram’s work gives voice to those struggling to cope at the sharp end of austerity in a small town on the rural fringes of Norfolk. In the woods and mountains of the Ozarks, Matthew Genitempo finds contemplation and solitude in a landscape where people not only escape from the everyday, but from themselves.

We also feature Mari Katayama, whose decision to have both her legs amputated aged nine now fuels her creativity, and Graciela Iturbide, who has spent five decades exploring the rich culture and history of her native Mexico.

Our Agenda section opens with the Guggenheim’s year-long re-evaluation of Robert Mapplethorpe, and continues with books by Dutch photographer Natascha Libbert and Japanese curator Mariko Takeuchi. Gerry Badger responds to questions in this month’s Any Answers.

This month’s Projects section focuses look on communities facing change – from reindeer herders in the Russian Arctic, to the EU’s ‘left behind’, and the disappearing farming lands of Lithuania.

In our Intelligence section we meet Stuart Alexander, the US curator who’ll take over the book empire of the late, great Robert Delpire, publisher of Robert Frank’s The Americans. Plus we talk to Nacho Alegre, co-founder and creative director of Barcelona-based Apartmento magazine, about commissioning. And Damien Demolder gives his verdict on the Z7, Nikon’s first venture into the full-frame mirrorless market, and perhaps the first nail in the coffin for the erstwhile SLR format…

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