August 2020


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The August Issue

Our annual Ones to Watch talent platforms is dedicated to celebrating the best emerging talent from all over the globe. Our 18 talents this year were selected from over 250 nominations by our network or industry experts. They are Gi Seok Cho, M’hammed Kilito, River Claure, Micaiah Carter, Neha Hirve, Rafael Pavarotti, Spandita Malik, Thana Faroq, Valya Lee, Ana Zibelnik, David Uzochukwu, Alina Frieske, Michael Swann, Agnieszka Sejud, Sumi Anjuman, Eliska Sky, Abdo Shanan and Kennedi Carter.

Growing up in Bolivia to devout Christian parents, it was only as he moved abroad and got older that River Claure began to muse over the cultural juxtaposition of his upbringing and Ayamaran ancestry. His work explores the meaning of national identity, and the different ways its importance is interpreted within his culture.

For Spandita Malik, the printed photograph is only the beginning of her creative process. By considering texture and embroidery, a craft connected to her exploration of the violence and injustices suffered by women in her native India, she achieves a multi-layered meaning.

South Korean photographer Gi Seok Cho’s surrealist portraits have not gone unnoticed among the fashion community in Seoul, where he is commissioned for his colourful, theatrical style, all the while pursuing the essence of beauty.

David Uzochukwu’s emotive sets fuse references to mythology with expressive movement and digitally modified backdrops, resulting in emotional narratives that speak to his exploration of race, identity and gender.

With the increasingly hostile political and social environment in Poland towards the LGBTQ community, Agnieszka Sejud’s work hopes to give a voice to those who are trying to be silenced.

Sumi Anjuman places herself at the centre of issues of social injustice in her home in Bangladesh. From LGBTQ rights, to violence against women, to mass deforestation, her poetic imagery documents important stories and calls to action.

Eliška Sky’s Womaneroes stand strong and celebrate the uniqueness of self-image and body positivity. The colourful adornments and paint are an antidote to her experience of working in the fashion industry, showing the body in a new way.

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